R E F L E C T I O N  P A G E 



1.  G R A P H I C    S C O R E 

[November 17th]

  • I think it was very new for me to start the project by making the instrument by ourselves. I think the process of making the instrument influenced the afterward's outcome because during the process I unconsciously started to think about how the sound will be and how can I represent it by visual language. 
  • Being a designer, I think to generate ideas continually is essential, this project reminds me the importance of absorbing surround environment, especially sounds.
  •  So this inspires me to start collecting sounds in different settings (by recording). 
  • The potential of transferring sound into visual languages. 
  • I also got more interested in how visual elements can match with sounds, like Music videos. So in the future, I might want to do more moving image. 

[November 21st]

  • The outcome of our band expanded my understanding of music. 
  • Realized that sometimes beats are enough
  • Having a new experience of starting to think of a story from the music and draw them out using a digital device, then making a stop motion video. 
  • Stop motion video: creates a natural tempo and beat; needs to pay attention to small details when drawing ; needs to think about the what the previous and after picture will be like; needs to pre-planned the changes and movement the frames. 

4. B U I L D I N G  B L O C K S

[January 5th]

It is my first time using tape to create typeface, at first I felt really “insecure” because I didn’t make any draft or a very specific idea of what I’m making. But after creating few typefaces I found this method is really inspiring, because the outcome mainly based on our intuitive. It is an effective way of recording ideas and first thoughts.

I ended up with quite a few different typefaces so I needed to decide which typefaces I would like to work further on. When making the decision I asked myself questions such as: Do I want my type to be clear/ understandable or abstract and unusual? Should I choose the typeface that best shows the quality of the tape? Which typeface can be apply to all the alphabet letters?  

I think my typeface should be more about the aesthetic and design of it rather than the functionality (clarity to read), because there are already plenty of classic and common readable typefaces in the industry. A lot of letters might be ambiguous, however, I think the aesthetic look and to show the maker’s personality is more important. 


 [January 9th]

The process of thinking how to transfer each daily objects into typeface is really fun and interesting. Which is like problem-solving and allowed me to find more possibilities that I couldn’t have thought of if I just start drawing straight away. I found that the letters in alphabet can all be base on the letter ‘A’s’ design. Different from starting with tape, the moment when I see the object I will start picturing how the letters can possibly be like in my mind, so it is like a restricting force that already set a frame for my thoughts. However I do prefer this way of working because it narrows down the range, so it became easier to make decisions. At

At last I tried to work further on three typefaces one is depicted from plastic water bottle, the other two are from Iphone charger. The plastic bottle one was quite a challenge, because the shape of the bottle is simple and there are not much changes. For the second typeface I used the end of the charger that can insert to the phone, the shape of it is easier to work around to construct letters, however when putting all the letters together it looks a bit messy. The last one is the plug of the charger. I like the 'house' shape of the charger and the arrangement of the three lead parts, it gives the images a clear characteristic of the charger. Also, when I put all the letters together they look like a coherent system. Therefore I chose this typeface to make it into a poster.


[January 10th]  

For the specimen I wanted to make an animation or something like a gif. The first reason is that I have never try this media before, and I am really interested in moving image and film-making. The second reason is because people's attention are more easily attracted to things that are moving. The third reason is that most typefaces we see in our daily lives are all still images so I thought it will be interesting to see movement in them. From the 2 typefaces I made, I chose the tape typeface to make it into my specimen, because I think the simple geometric shapes in it have great potential of applying actions and movement to it. However due to my first time using photoshop to create gif, I am not really familiar with what I can do and what I cannot do so the outcome is not that good as expected. To improve, I should do more research on how to use the animation function in photoshop or find other software to make it. 


[January 12]

During the class critique, I saw Alyssa's specimen, which is also a gif, that I think is really successful, because the movement is simple but matches the 'personality' of the typeface. This successfully made the typeface really memorable. Reflecting back to my animation, I think I had made it too complex and long for a gif. Moreover, because my typeface is not that straight forward so maybe I can think of how the movement can help explaining the letters to the viewers. 


2. M A D E   T O   P E R S U A D E 

[November 24th]

About my idea...

  • I started to generate ideas by thinking about the small issues around me, such as recycling, pollution...etc so I wanted to do something to solve the problem of pollution on the street by cigarette butts. After the pitch I think I haven't thought thoroughly of possible problems for my idea of making a small bag for smokers to deposit cigarette waste in it. The chances for people buying it might not be realistic, because people who would throw cigarette butts on the floor very likely won't bother to spend money on this, since their action already tell us that they don't care about this issue.  
  • This leads to the problem of "Do I bother?"
  • I realized that this is a problem that cannot be ignored when thinking about our designs. Because our designs need to communicate an idea, if the audience shows no interest and doesn't bother to learn about your design then we obviously failed to communicate. 
  • However another problem is it is becoming more and more difficult to determine what people bother. 
  • I think I need to think of simple and daily ideas, that can apply to everyone, and has in common. 

What do successful ideas have in common?

  • To explore a range of options
  • Engage in audience and audience participation
  • Evoke emotion
  • Personal interest
  • A range of products
  • Practicality 
  • Strong concept, engage problems.
  • Use of humour

How did the way in which my classmates pitched their ideas affect my understanding or appreciation of the idea?

  • Using Diagrams/ visual representations
  • Passion/ commitment
  • Their familiarity of their own product and their confidence. 

[November 28th]

About packaging...

  • Got more interested in packaging design because I think 'packaging' is a very important external factor that influences our decision making when purchasing items. 
  • Also, 'packaging' is how businesses add value to their products. 
  • It is able to bring emotion
  • Relates to consumerism 

5. H E A R  M A K E  H E A R D

[January 16th]

When deciding the three song archives I will possibly like to work on I considered the topics Im interested in and the contents that have the potential to develop into a booklet. The first one I chose was a interviewee talking about his feeling living in the built environment; he thinks built environment is a kind of restriction. He wants to be in the middle of the sea so there’s nothing around him. From the information given, I was planning on taking photos of condensed skyscrapers and natural scenes for the book. Then the second idea was about an artist called Currie Ken talking about how he got inspiration from his dreams, especially nightmare. This choice might not be suitable because ‘dream’ is an abstract topic that can be anything. The third sound archive was a recording of children demonstrating songs and discussing playground games with Iona Opie (the interviewer). I think this recording gave the most detailed content that allows me to carry out research and ideas, therefore I chose this sound archive. 


[January 17th]

For research, I went to the pollock toy museum and the v&a childhood museum. I saw different toys from different era, and because the sound archive was from 1970s I focused on the toys from 1970s. However I got really interested in the look of wax dolls. In the pollock toy museum there is a room showing so many different wax dolls. The appearance of the wax dolls are horrifying, so I wondered why wouldn’t the kids be scared when they were playing with them. I think its because as we grew older the way we look at things around us has changed. So I want to show the differences of a children’s ‘world’ and an adult’s ‘world’ through illustrating the nursery songs and games. 

Things to consider when Designing my book:


-how to tell story

-Progression, journey through book

-what makes us want to turn the page


-words (whole transcription)


-written story

-sounds made into language



-Draw what you imagine is being described


-shapes/colours, give visual forms to your idea







-Size & placing of text & image

-Repetition, loud/ quiet, size importance


-Dimension/ size

-Shape/ physical arrangement

-box/ popup etc…

Production method:

-What is appropriate for your message


-The type of paper/ card. 


[January 26th]

What makes an effective presentation: 

-need to be self-confident when presenting

-clear voice and articulate 

-Be concise and draw the main point.  

-the presentation content has logical order. 

Evaluate your own presentation- what were its strengths + weaknesses? Comment on other’s presentation 

-From today’s crit, my weakness is that my presentation wasn’t controlled within the planned time, so i did’t have chance to get to the main point of my project.  

-other’s presentation: showing their work and process and ideas in the time limit. 

-present the concept 

-Demonstrating the actual work. 

What do you need to improve on in readiness for UP? 

-Review the whole project and draw out the main points. Decide what is necessary to say what is not. 



3.  A P P   S T O R E 

[December 5th]

  • Need to think about what really matters.
  • Branding through app store

Best practices for making an APP:  

  • Make use of other phone functions
  • Motivational, Encourages a positive change of behaviour 
  • Apps that can link to other apps
  • Show personality - like characters or the tone of voice
  • Short and descriptive. 
  • Consistency in the use of visual language. 

Comments from classmates (about my idea):

  • "Aesthetically pleasing" So I guess I can continue with my style of visual elements
  • "Relies on current technology which is appealing/interesting however an app that relies too much on google maps/ bluetooth may be a bit dangerous/ risky" If I'm really gonna make out the app then I do need to consider the safety issue. 
  • Alot of them also said my idea is really similar to a movie called "Nerve"... However I really don't know about this movie...This might be telling me that my idea is a bit too common, but I think sometimes being similar to another thing is not always bad, you can always expand and make it better. 

[December 8th]

Thinking about User Experience & Design...

  • The elements in a user's journey: User's emotion. Beliefs. Preferences. Perceptions. Physical and psychological responses. Behaviours. And Accomplishments. 
  • Remember to consider 'Do people want to go back for more?' 
  • The app needs to fit into people's lives
  • From the app, people are seeking satisfaction and emotions such as happiness.
  • How to tell a story. 

Useful process when trying to develop a project...

  • SPRINT: five days process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping and testing answer with customers. 
  • Cycle of 'sprint': Idea->Build->Launch->Learn; Understand->Ideate->Prototype->Test->Refine->Understand

From the critic:

  • "nice illustration"
  • "like the logical approach, development. Especially the logo; the symbol of map and eye combining together is good.
  • By looking at everyone's work, it is clearly shown that alot of people thought more about the practical aspect of their apps, and the functionality of it. However if we think more poetically then it is more possible to be innovative. For example, Matt's app called "SHEPHERD". Which everyone in that app is a sheep (use of humour) moving in an fenced area so friends can know where each other are. The use of metaphor successfully affected audience's emotions. It's closely relating to us in daily lives. It's simple. 


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