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Primary Research 

I think for this project it is very important for us to observe the design of products that are already on the market. Because usually the products that are already in the market had conducted at least simple marketing research so we can see what people will like to purchase and why.


1. Volte Dace, 21 Great Ormond Street, WC1N 3JB

 Volte Face is a small shop that sells a lot of different kinds of special and unexpected products. Below are some photos of interesting products I saw in the shop. 

-There is a series of gift cards that are cleverly designed. Instead of 2D cards, the designer turned it into a small 3D decoration that customers can also hang them in their house. (Shown in picture 2,5,6,7)

-The design of the hanging globe is also really clever too, it allows customers to record the places they have been to. This gives the product a sense of functionality, but at the same time really decorative. (Picture 1)

     download.php?file=2593987&view=238637&em download.php?file=2594009&view=238637&em download.php?file=2594014&view=238637&em download.php?file=2594015&view=238637&em

 download.php?file=2594025&view=238637&em download.php?file=2594030&view=238637&em download.php?file=2594032&view=238637&em  download.php?file=2594034&view=238637&em download.php?file=2594039&view=238637&em 


2. Design Museum shop, 224-238 Kensington High Street London, W8 6AG

- The difference with the previous shop is that the products selling in the Design Museum shop all have interesting packaging. 

-I especially like the packaging shown in picture 1, the use of material and the use of colours made the product feel really organic. 

-However when talking about products that are hard to understand, I find the ones in picture 5 & 6 matched this point. Both of them are really cute and decorative but they are lacking functionality. 

-I really like the idea of calendar in picture 8 & 9, because usually when we think about calendar it is grids on a big page but this one is a cube that you can interact with it by ripping off the days that passed.  

download.php?file=2595417&view=238637&em download.php?file=2595422&view=238637&em download.php?file=2595435&view=238637&em download.php?file=2595441&view=238637&em download.php?file=2595449&view=238637&em download.php?file=2595460&view=238637&em download.php?file=2595501&view=238637&em download.php?file=2595545&view=238637&em download.php?file=2595565&view=238637&em


Book Research


1. [ The a-z of visual ideas- How to solve any creative brief] by John Ingledew

Key research information

-Ideas: a sudden mental picturing of possibility- the realization that there is a possible way of doing something

-Motivation of all human creativity is the desire to communicate. 

-Brainjack: triggers a mental reaction such as inner smile

                 (v) to communicate by seizing someone’s imagination

-“You have to crop everything down to concentrate the viewer’s mind. The more extraneous stuff there is, the more you lose sight of the idea”—Clire Challis, art director and teacher


2. [Skin- Surface substance + design] Ellen Lubton 








3. [Just Kidding! A to Z design for kids & kidults] -Published and edited by Victionary



Key research information 

Communication design = aim is to train students to get messages successfully into the minds of other people

Joy of communication= coming up with a great idea is hugely satisfying. Encountering a great idea is equally enjoyable. 

-This book presented alot of different materials that can be use to make unconventional products. 

-Provided alot of contemporary designers that I can search more on. 

download.php?file=2595893&view=238637&em download.php?file=2595900&view=238637&em download.php?file=2595911&view=238637&em download.php?file=2595918&view=238637&em download.php?file=2595926&view=238637&em download.php?file=2595929&view=238637&em download.php?file=2595935&view=238637&em download.php?file=2595947&view=238637&em



Key research information 

-This book reminds the notion of childhood ---> which is an established & recognized period within a person?s life, so it can apply to everyone.

-Psychologists Jean Piaget & Lev Vygotski said the importance of play in one?s life.

-Play is considered so critical to human development, this was even recognised by the united Nation High Commission for Human Rights as a fundamental night of every child.

-I think there must be some moments when we wish to go back to our childhood (the importance of time in life) 

-PLAY -humor considered a grand subspecies 

           - incorporate play into human interaction 

           -taking a kid-like stance

           -being optimistic.

Examples in the book:

download.php?file=2596109&view=238637&emdownload.php?file=2596115&view=238637&em download.php?file=2596123&view=238637&emdownload.php?file=2596126&view=238637&em download.php?file=2596135&view=238637&em download.php?file=2596140&view=238637&em download.php?file=2596154&view=238637&emdownload.php?file=2596156&view=238637&em download.php?file=2600976&view=238637&emdownload.php?file=2600988&view=238637&em download.php?file=2601000&view=238637&em




TED talk: Wisdom from great writers on every year of life ---Joshua Prager 

Key quotes: 

James Salter: "Life passes into pages if it passes into anything." 

"a glimpse in the future whether we make it there or not"

"people might experience the same age differently"

"I still have my life to live, still have many more pages to pass into..."

I think this video is very inspiring:

  • I am now at the stage of turning into an adult, there are still many things that I should learn and many things that I should change about myself to become a better person. All of these require the element TIME.
  • I'm interested in the issue of how we use TIME in our life because if we think about it, life is short, there are many times when I missed the right moment to do the right thing.
  • Growing up and aging is the process that all human need to go through, so I think if there is a design that appeals to this aspect then it can link to everyone's experience. 
  • I like the metaphor of saying life is like a book. You fill the pages in your book with your own story. It is your story that makes you, the book, valuable and special. 



   Further Research


Flash animation
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